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Interim Service

This service is required every 12,000 miles or every

Year depending on which comes first.

 40.00 + parts

A interim service consists of :

  • Check and adjust tyre pressures

  • Check the engine coolant level

  • Check the brake and clutch fluid level

  • Check battery voltage

  • Check the screen washer level

  • Check the fan belt for any wear & adjustments

  • Check the operation of all the lights, indicators and windscreen washer system

  • Check condition of windscreen wipers

  • Check the operation of the heater and air conditioning system

  • Change the engine oil and oil filter

  • Check the antifreeze & levels

  • Check all seat belts and clasps

  • Check and adjust clutch cable (where applicable)

  • Check for oil and water leaks

  • Check the power assisted steering fluid

  • Check the condition of the battery

  • Check the condition of the charging system

  • Check the operation of hand brake

  • Check the front and rear brake pads and discs

  • Check the front and rear suspension for wear

  • Check the front and rear shock absorbers for wear and leaks

  • Check the brake pipes rubber brake hoses for cracks and leaks

  • Check the exhaust system

  • Check the steering rack and rubber gaiters for damage and leakage

  • Check the drive shafts c.v. gaiters for damage and leakage

  • Check for corrosion on brake lines, chassis and wheel arches

  • Check wheel hubs & bearings

  • Lubricate all doors, bonnet and tailgate hinges .

  • Examine the tyre depth, wear and damage

  • MIL reset (instrument service lights reset)